Blackened by Betrayal  June 2, 2008 - July 15, 2008

Contest Completed


Heart of Darkness award ( Winner ) - kill me with casualty
Bloody dagger award - [writing deleted]
Remember Karma award - Black Heart
Shards of trust award - Shadows Waiting
Twist it twice award - [writing deleted]
Forked tongue award - The Essence of Betrayal
Hell awaits you award - Anatomy Lesson
Wickedness award - Betrayed
Sons of sin award - [writing deleted]
Feed me more lies award - As you die
Broken promises award - THE WRONG MAN
Honorable mention - [writing deleted]


I want your darkest , graphic , coldest heart wrenching poems or prose on the subject of betrayal . How you were hurt or what you think of the person who hurt you. I know that everyone can relate and am intersted in seeing what you've got !!! There is no money involved for winners just credit. This is my first contest and I am a bit pressed for time so the contest will not last long.




Mr. Lopez
Mr. Lopez
Chandler, AZ


46 Contestants
74 Submissions
Created Jun 2, 2008

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