Body Parts  May 28, 2010 - June 9, 2010

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Graphic Embodiment - Scalpel
Beautiful Body - Musical Appendages
Bodily Expression - [writing deleted]


For this contest, I want you to write about a body part, but only ONE specific body part. You can be unique about it, you can be gory and gruesome about it, but it has to be a visual body part (hair is not a body part but it can be described as being on a body part). Hell you can even describe the body part in a way that has me guessing what body part it is. All that matters is hard description and details.

And grammar/spelling... those always matter with me.

Also... poetry and short stories ONLY. (short stories must be less than 2000 words).


A pixelated ribbon and a review... plus who doesn't love bragging rights?


Arra Frost
Arra Frost
NS/NB, Canada


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