Can you make sense?  August 13, 2007 - August 20, 2007

Contest Completed


2nd Place: You have a keen sense of yourself! - [writing deleted]
3rd Place: I sense you will go far! - Morning
Honorable Mention: You are quite sensible! - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention: You are quite sensible! - [writing deleted]


Take a moment and recall the FIRST five sensory impressions you experienced upon waking. Write something about them. It can be a short story, poem, etc. Just give me some good imagery! Have fun!

Here is an example: The five sensory impressions I experienced were: the smell of fresh brewed coffee; the feeling of my soft feather pillow; the feeling of crisp, cool sheets; seeing the sunlight in my room; the feeling of plush carpet beneath my feet. (You do not need to list them if you don't want to, but you can if like :)

A luscious aroma deliberately teases my nostrils; its undeniable presence beckons me, and I am compelled to respond. Almost reluctantly, slumber releases me from his gentle embrace and leaves me to the capable and willing arms of dawn. Mental images of fingers eagerly clasped around a steaming cup of coffee are incentive enough to break me free of the feathered pillow, on which I lay. Its exquisitely soft body had graciously offered my lagging soul the solace I needed to guide me through my dreams. As I begin to perform the morning task of stretching--slowly arching my back and raising my arms high above my head--my skin lightly brushes against the sheets. The feeling of cool, crisp linens is so inviting, that it undermines my desire for caffeine, and I find myself wanting to curl up and revel in their elegance. I almost get lost in the absolute luxury of them. The sun, however, would have none of my dallying. His glaring rays streamed through the slats of my blind and struck me full in the face--as if his main objective for the day was to rouse me from my bed--much like an alarm clock but with no opportunity to press �snooze.� His stern radiance commanded me forthwith, and I found myself squinting to avoid his harsh rebuke. Without further delay, I toss the sheets aside--lest I dare become tempted to linger further--and quickly throw my legs over the side of the bed. Standing abruptly, my toes instantly grab the plush carpet--its long, burgundy pile tickles the bottoms of my feet as I walk across the bedroom floor. Feeling slightly perplexed--for my slippers, which usually lie beside the bed, are nowhere to be seen--I quicken my pace, so to spare my feet any further inconvenience. As I leave my bedroom and head towards the kitchen, I am reminded of the reason I awoke in the first place--for a luscious aroma...


My earnest admiration :)


Lisa Verdon
Lisa Verdon
Greenwich, NY


Created Aug 13, 2007