Can you write a "Chapter 7"?  December 27, 2007 - December 31, 2007

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Okay, y'all. Dim the lights, get a cold drink, and make sure you're alone. I want you to write a "Chapter 7". In case you haven't got it already, a "Chapter 7" is a sex chapter. Write me a chapter relating to sex. It can be total erotica, a scene that ends in comic relief, various attempts that are foiled... anything! Just as long as the main plot involves some sort of sex scene. Don't call me a perv either! I love writing chapters like this. In "S**t Happens", I wrote one where a girl and guy attempt it in the girls room of their high school, but their plans are quickly ruined with the boy gets his foot stuck in the toilet and the girl jams the door shut! Have fun with this! If I like it, I might just use it in one of my many stories!


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