Character Anonymous  April 15, 2012 - April 22, 2012

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Literary Master - The Girl Who Heard the Rain
Description Artist - Another Elephant Man
Adjective Painter - Your Little Puzzlebox


This contest is all about writing a story based on imagery and emotion. Essentially, the characters can't have names; stick to third-person. You want to try to create an atmosphere a person can lose themselves in just by reading your piece. Leave an air of mystery, evoke strong emotions, and let the reader draw their own conclusions from what you've written. This contest is for you to exercise your ability to work with the environments, not the people, with the emotions, not the reasons. No names, just imagery.

But remember, attention to detail can easily get out of hand. Try to restrain yourself from dwelling too long on any single object or emotion. You want to encompass the whole picture, the whole meadow, not just a petal on one of the flowers.


The skills used to create your piece. It's good to exercise the descriptive and mysterious branches of writing.


Langue d'Argent
Langue d'Argent
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