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This contest is for science fiction stories that revolve around one or more concepts (example include Dune revolving around spice, Forever War revolving around the time to travel interstellar distances, The Scar revolving around probability manipulation). The story can take any form, the concept does not have to be original (few truly are) but I will be more impressed by an original thought than a clichéd one (obviously). It does not have to be stated what the concept is, but it must be clear enough to be identified in the story.

The concept can be scientific in origin (e.g. relativistic or quantum phenomena) or character based (an unusual trait for example). It sounds like an odd request to make, but most science fiction stories follow the conceptual model without the writer even being aware.

Strictly speaking, both Horror and Fantasy genres are allowed here, these three sometimes tend to cross over, and all can fit the criteria.

I would love to see what the community comes up with.


Best Concept Based Story Best Concept Based Story
2nd Best Concept Story 2nd Best Concept Story
3rd Best Concept Story 3rd Best Concept Story
Most Original Concept Most Original Concept
Most Eloquently Written Story Most Eloquently Written Story


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