Coolest Acrostic  November 9, 2007 - May 1, 2008

Contest Completed


To the head of the class! - Stars Spell Out Your Name
You Got It Goin on! - [writing deleted]
Man, can you write! - [writing deleted]
You Rock! - Post Mortem
Great Writing - Phenomenon
Great Writing - Absent
Great Writing - Undone
I dig your style - MUSIC
I dig your style - Accusative Zealots
I dig your style - [writing deleted]
I dig your style - [writing deleted]
I dig your style - Valentines Day
I dig your style - VALENTINE
I dig your style - Forgiveness
I dig your style - Sleep Words


I really love the Acrostic style of poetry. And I'd love to read some of your pieces.

p.s. They can be written about anything at all.


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James K. Blaylock
James K. Blaylock
Tyler, TX


19 Contestants
27 Submissions
Created Nov 9, 2007

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