Create a Poem  December 19, 2013 - January 31, 2013

Reading and Deliberating


Using the following words, create a poem. You can add in additional words if needed, but, must use the following words. Have fun!

letter , until , mile , river , group , took , rain , mountain , north , color , plain , girl , usual

Award Meanings -
1. Out of Thin Air : You really nailed it, wow, you put this poem together without hardly any work and got every single aspect.
2. Lil' Smartie Pants : You got every single word worked in, but, you worked a little too hard. Still awesomesause though.
3. Best Cheerful Poem : You were really happy about this, and everything in the poem showed how you felt.
4. Best Depressing Poem : Maybe you aren't the happiest person in the world, but this poem was still epic.
5. Hey! That Was Pretty Good : You had every word, it was well written, and it was the one of the top 5 poems that stuck out the most.


Out of Thin Air Out of Thin Air
Lil' Smartie Pants Lil' Smartie Pants
Best Cheerful Poem Best Cheerful Poem
Best Depressing Poem Best Depressing Poem
Hey! That Was Pretty Good Hey! That Was Pretty Good



Created Dec 19, 2013

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