Creative Minds Devour and Create   July 24, 2011 - August 2, 2011

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I Have a Voice!!! - [writing deleted]
Speaking Up!! - [writing deleted]
Can You Hear Me?! - [writing deleted]


WC Writers, feed the need for words, a COLLABORATION of thoughts...Consume it and see where it takes you...This is far from complete, take it and make it yours...Creative minds devour and create...


Nation! Crawl and cry in greatness,
and thus must rise to fall, apart
in this delusional shadow
of decadence, deafened idle
in-sanity; wild disciplines,
fools for thoughts, cheering riotous
hearts, cored in blood, truth of knowledge,
blue and starved with spite. We are faint
in image of forefathers’ light,
those stars who guide the dusk,
lead us from darkness to mourn,
forgetting tears before they dry;
fallen to tyranny extreme…

Contest Rules:

Title the piece “Moderation.” This must be a new work created for this contest. Use the words I started to feed your need for words; I would like to see the different takes on what these words arouse in the minds of my fellow writers. Put your heart into it. Use the above words as foundation to start a collaboration of views to express your feelings. Have fun with it! Wreck it make it yours; I can’t wait to see what you all come up with…Inspire me, PLEASE!!!


A token of my affection...


Sandy, UT


6 Contestants
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Created Jul 25, 2011

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