Creatures and Powers of Elements  May 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014

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This bi-monthly contest will open May 1, 2014 and will run to June 30, 2014.

Creatures and Powers of Element Months:

Creatures and Powers of Elements Months

The month of unlimited possibilities…
Your story must contain throughout its plot a sense of an element that makes up our world. The story can feature creatures of that particular element, or you can have magic elements that feature through mages might.
There must be a creature or source of power that centers on the element. The direction of the story is up to the writer. The element must be easy to comprehend. Either, than that, the sky is the limit. ☺

There are several different elements. Here are a few examples:

Air- Harpies, Sylphs, Faeries, Sprites

Earth- Gnomes, Dwarfs, Giants, Cyclops

Fire- Salamanders, Phoenix

Ice- Humanoids, Yeti, Ice Giants

Water- Mermaids, Sulkies, Sirens, Undines

There are also many beings that exist throughout the worlds that have the ability over these elements. There also is one creature that depending on its scale color and living environment can control all these elements…Dragons.

The winner’s for this prompt will be featured in our 2nd edition that will be published for this year of 2014.

Good luck, with your story and please stick to the writing guidelines. Thank you.

The guidelines are as follows make sure to read them carefully:
*1,500 word limit for each submission, this will not include the title.
*At the present time it will be only one entry per person per competition.
*Once you submit your story you can’t re-submit or entry will be disqualified.
*Any story submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
*Each story must be the author’s original, not previously published in print/online.
*Entries cannot be published anywhere or during the term of the competition.
*All stories will remain the property of the author.

*Times New Roman 12pt font
*Place full name, word count and email in upper left corner of main page.
*Place full name and word count on additional pages.

The First Place Winner, will have their stories published in “Dragon Knight Chronicles; 2nd Edition Variety Collection” it will be published in soft cover and e-book format, and will be published through The First Place Winner will also have their stories posted up on Dragon Knight Chronicles blog and the group page, as a short introduction to help wet the readers appetite for the final book . Happy writing, everyone! Good Luck!

Response Time:

The First Place Winner, will be posted up on the blog, group page, and page, between the 12th and 20th of the month following the closing deadline. We will also be contacting the winners by email to discuss the publishing process of their story.




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