Cry Me A River  May 3, 2011 - June 3, 2011

Contest Completed


Awesome-tastic Short Story - Sun & Moon
Awesome-tastic Poem - Now That You Broke My Heart
Wow-za Poem - Cry me a river
Cool Poem - I wish


This is a contest for short stories and poetry only. If I find something that is neither, it will be rejected immediately. I don't want anything but stories or poetry. You can upload 2 poems or one story. If I find two stories by the same person, one will be automatically rejected. The only stipulations for this contest is that you have to have the line "Cry me a river" somewhere in your story/poem, and it has to have a major role. It can't be about ponies and her say that to a girl and then it gets forgotten. Make me remember it. It could be sarcastic, a friend's joke, serious, anything you want. I'll give out a first, second, and third place for both the short stories and poetry. They will be seperate awards.


$0.00, A possible review for each winner after I finish chemo treatments and a badge. :)



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Created May 3, 2011