D.U.I. Horror  April 3, 2008 - December 22, 2008

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What am I looking for here?

Gothic Horror stories that deal with drunk driving -- I want your darkest cautionary tale for those who've like to get behind the wheel and use the bottle (as in talking alcohol here. I am looking for your scariest supernatural horror tale that deals with the subject head on. Religious horror stories especially encouraged here. The best ten stories will be issue nine of the magazine or an unnamed anthology that is being put out by LAKE FOSSIL PRESS.

Word Count: 2200 (firm on the shorter word count) to 6600 words
I want gothic horror with a lot of human story elements here no erotic content of any kind. This is very serious content to mess around with and a very personal one.

Now those of you who've did lose someone because of a drunk driver this is your chance to take some of the frustration out on the drunk driver -- do something vicious to them in the story, just they don't survive or if they do survive let the victims they've accidently killed haunt them in some disturbing way.

The stories picked will be chosen by me, and the scarier the story dealing with a D.U.I. the better. I don't really think horror stories in this subject are really touched into -- since some horror writers are functioning alcoholics. This is a subject where it will hit close to home for a few or many on here -- and this is going to be a challenge in many ways.

Really scare the reader in the process. I don't want flash fiction, I am looking for longer stories here for this contest. This will be a long submission window too and this publication will come out after Tabloid Purposes 5.




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