DaRK PaRTY Wicked Scary Short Story Contest  September 26, 2007 - October 19, 2007

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Deadline is this Friday! Submit your story for one of three prizes:

� Undead Zombie General (first place)
� Animated Corpse Colonel (second place)
� Rotting Carcass Captain (third place)

All three winners will be published at the DaRK PaRTY ReVIEW (http://darkpartyreview.blogspot.com) and include their bios and links to their Web sites. The Undead Zombie General will also win a $25 gift card to Barnes & Nobel.

Stories will be judged on originality, writing talent, and, of course, on being wicked scary. We encourage stories about werewolves, vampires, zombies, spree killers, space aliens, deformed axe murderers, and ghosts.

The Rotting Carcass Captain will be published on Monday, October 29; Animated Corpse Colonel on Tuesday, October 30; and Undead Zombie General on Wednesday, October 31.

The contest starts today and runs through Friday, October 19. The winners will then be rolled out Halloween week.

Here are the rules:
� Stories can be no longer than 5,000 words maximum. There is no minimum length.
� Stories must be Wicked Scary Horror stories. NO POETRY PLEASE. That means prose poems as well. Short stories ONLY.
� Stories can be rated R � but not X (no pornography please).
� Stories should contain your name and contact information plus a short bio. And if you want the gift card � a mailing address.
� The contest is open to all ages. One entry only.
� The deadline is Friday, October 19 at midnight (EST). No exceptions.
� You can submit through Writer's Cafe (here) or you can email your entries to darkpartyreview@gmail.com. If you do please put �Wicked Scary Contest� plus the title of your piece in the subject line. For example: Wicked Scary Contest: The Brain Eating Dinosaur.

If you have any additional questions please write me here or send an email to darkpartyreview@gmail.com.

Good luck to all who enter!


$25.00, Publication at the DaRK PaRTY ReVIEW


Undead Zombie General (First Place) Undead Zombie General (First Place)
Animated Corpse Colonel (Second Place) Animated Corpse Colonel (Second Place)
Rotting Carcass Captain (Third Place) Rotting Carcass Captain (Third Place)


G.f. Snell Iii
G.f. Snell Iii
Boston, MA


Created Sep 26, 2007

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  • Writing may be submitted 9/26/2007 - 10/19/2007
  • Winners will be decided by the Moderator


G.f. Snell Iii is solely responsible for the content of this contest, including all promised prizes. Take any promises of large monetary awards with a grain of salt. Contact G.f. Snell Iii if you have any further questions.