Darkest of the dark  May 5, 2011 - May 25, 2011

Contest Completed


Darkness enshrouds me.... - Perdition
A stone heart - Angels Die Twice
A living plague - Within A child's giggle...
Tear drinker - Requiem
Cold-blooded - the ripper


I want to read poetry that will drag down my soul with cold chains, that will wrap around my brain and squeeze with a thorn-lined leash, that will impale my chest with a heavy stake, and make me dread every second of life. Show me your darkest of the dark, show me your darkest poetry. Can be depressing, misanthropic, psychotic, cruel, or just downright gothic. Show me how black your soul is.

Three small rules.

-No erotica, but lustful and somewhat sexiness is permitted at a modest level.

-No excessive profanity or violence. Some violence and profanity is allowed but you must be mature and be modest with it. If you are gruesome then be mature and meaningful with it.

-No excessive vulgarity.

Be dark, be evil, be angry, be sad. Just flood me with your darkness. I want to be drunk with your black tears.

A few things to give a better chance in winning a place. These arent required, but will please me more.
Structured stanzas/a strict pattern


$0.00, Bragging rights i suppose.... This is for fun.


Probably working in the back of an ambulance or sitting in my cave doing god knows what., FL


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Created May 5, 2011

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