Dear I'm Afraid of This   April 13, 2009 - April 25, 2009

Contest Completed


Dear Who Award - Couldn't Care Less
Dear Who Award - The Love is Over
Dear Who Award - [writing deleted]
Dear Who Award - Clear to Me
Dear Who Award - Four White Walls
Dear Who Award - Bye, Bye Baby
Dear Who Award - Son I\'m Sorry
Dear Who Award - The Choice You Made©


Did you want to say something to someone, yet didn't have the words to say it? Or you have the words you want to say to somebody, yet are afraid or can�t say it to them? For this contest, write the words in a poem or short story that you wanted to say to someone, yet never got the chance to say them. Or if you want to say it to them, yet you can�t, then this is the contest to do it in.

[The fourth of the 'Dear' contests. After this contest, I might just go with "Dear Who 5".]


Just to feel great!


Nicole Renee
Nicole Renee
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