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Contract With Publication in Decipher Press - Top 3
Contract With Publication in Decipher Press - Who Will Save Us? Heroes.
Contract With Publication in Decipher Press - Inspiration


Winners will sign a contract and receive official awards based on your assigned percentage (totaling to a potential of $500 dollars per 100 issues sold!)

Please do not exceed more than four pages (12 pt. double spaced).

Section 3. Writing: remember that 3 pages might mean $300 dollars and selling over 10 copies might outweigh your average earning from writing any freelancer's project. Winning entries will be judged based on intellect, brightness, intensity, creativity, a display of true talent, or one powerfully remarkable profound story.


A. Freedom

With regard to your own already powerfully profound story, write like the wind! Poems, riddles, and symbolic thick text will strike my awe.

B. Deliver the News

Do you have an interesting hobby, talent, or knowledge? Please tell me what you know about something. I like nature and a really cool article about a specific snake might win. Try telling me bout how to make it up a mountain as a rock climber, or what it means to you that you can hit those notes wile playing the trumpet. Seriously, I like a good scientific piece, or an article related to lifestyles, and living peacefully, freely etc;

C. Creative Writing

Please tell me a story about a person who has the advantage(s) of _________, who can go out side and play with _________(s), while playing with ________, something _________ happens, it is is a slight concern because__________________! Oh no!

We hope that _________ will be okay. This is the tale of _________ who overcame ______, _______, ________ and learned to _________ in the end. This does not have to be cutesy, but writers who inspire faith in virtues will win.

D. An ode to heroes. Can you write a feature article on super heroes? Here's the title "Who Will Save Us? Heroes." Please submit three main points about why it is important that people are brave and step up to the plate when it comes to facing challenging situations.

E. The Clock, The Map, and the Book

The rest is up to you.

F. Riddle(s) and/or Poem(s)

G. The Code.

Write a strictly powerful and moving piece regarding philosophy and use ancient mythological references and make it virtuous.

Please answer the following questions in your submission:

When I say ____________, you automatically think________________.


Your response may be from one word to a whole paragraph.




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Ellie Luck
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