Defining "The End Scenario" Contest.  April 2, 2008 - July 3, 2008

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This contest is for the optimistic and the pessimistic. What I'm looking for is a wide range of STORIES or POEMS. These stories or poems must hit the reader face on in the beginning, like a selfless move to save some loved ones. The scenario I'm looking for is anything that involves "The End" of all things or "The End" of a tyrant or something of that effect. The Requirements are below.

For Stories:
-Must be atleast five to eight or more in paragraphs, more is good.
-Must be a rated to a Teen or Mature audience.
-Must use the words "the end" in the intro or body, not conculsion.
-Must have fun doing this, I want good results.

For Poems:
-Can be any style you'd like it to be.
-Must have atleast use for the words "the end" about three times in any way or use.
-Must be rated Teen or Mature audiences.
-Must have fun doing this, I want good results.


Recongition for your wonderful Poem or Story, maybe even something more than that... :]


Best Overall Poem Best Overall Poem
Best Overall Story Best Overall Story
"The End" Master "The End" Master
Need I Say More? Need I Say More?


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Andrew Acton
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