Depression Poems  April 18, 2012 - May 2, 2012

Contest Completed


1st Place - The Deepest Scars
2nd Place - Hiding Away
3rd Place - Broken Beyond Repair
4th Place - [writing deleted]
5th Place - Who I Am
6th Place - [writing deleted]
7th Place - [writing deleted]
8th Place - [writing deleted]
9th Place - Drowning
10th Place - You Won't Listen


Submit a poem about feeling alone, that on one understands or anything along the lines of that. I'd rather that they aren't very long but if you think they are good and the are long, than Submit away. Good Luck.


Darkening Shadow
Darkening Shadow
In The Woods


25 Contestants
45 Submissions
Created Apr 19, 2012

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