Describe a Colour  June 16, 2011 - July 16, 2011

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Word Painter - poem: Passing Through the Grays
Faded Paint - Brown Must Be the Sweetest Color
Washed Out Dye - [writing deleted]
Slightly Tinted - [writing deleted]
Pale - Lauds of Blue


Alright, so a couple days ago my friend and I were trying to describe colours. We were stumped. If someone you knew was born blind, how would you describe the colour red, or purple to them? I've finally decided that the only way I can think of is through poetry. So, I want you to use words to create the feel of a colour...okay that doesn't really make sense but you get the gist of it. You can describe any colour you want, but you can't use the word "colour/color" in your poem, or the name of the colour you're describing (i.e if you says "red looks like red", you'll give me a good laugh but your poem won't be considered). Also, please try to stick to the basic bold colours because they sound better (oooo...don't do maroon, nobody like maroon). Good luck!


um...satisfaction of being totally awesome with words?


Running around somewhere~, Cosmic Love


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