Do I Love You? Or Hate You?  July 5, 2008 - July 10, 2008

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Winner! - Shadows Waiting
Runner-Up! - Victim of love
3rd - Lust and Longing
4th - [writing deleted]


Write a poem based on you're partner, or previous one, about a time when you questioned if you were going to fall in love with someone, or if you knew it could never work, and hated their existance. If you need any help for further explaination, just contact me. But before entering, please go to my profile page, and read my quote. It's something you'll have to remember. I don't want any, "I used to love you," things. They're false. My quote will show you why. That is all. Best of luck. =)


Knowing that you expressed yourself.


melancholia skies
melancholia skies
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