Down The Rabbit Hole  July 13, 2010 - October 13, 2010

Contest Completed


Wonderland Winner - lunacy
Surreal Second - My Mad Hat Tea Party
Trippy Third - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - Looking to the sky


Alice in Wonderland has always been a favorite Disney movie of mine. There's no teling what will happen once you fall into the rabbit hole and that's where you come in!

Write a piece about Alice or any other character once she's fallen into Wonderland. Kooky and creative is what I'm looking for, an element of strange charm.

All types of writing are accepted, but please no epic tales. If you write a story, try not to make it too long!

Curioser and curioser.....good luck!


Stephanie Ann
Stephanie Ann
Hollister, CA


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