Epic Poems!!!!!!!  March 2, 2009 - March 15, 2009

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Odysseus! - Ride at Dusk
Homer! - Epic
Queen Cincinnatus! - Day of the Dragon Rider
Beowulf! - [writing deleted]
Something Else! - [writing deleted]


Well ladies and gents, let your epic out. What is an epic poem? For this contest, it can be anything you'd like. It can have the standard arrangement of heroes, gods, and lists, or it can just be about how your day went. The only thing I would prefer is that it be over 1000 lines long. That's what makes it epic in my mind.

It can follow standard pentameters, or it can be free verse. Structure is not the issue. The issue is simply, length. The lines don't even have to be a certain length. I only want 1000 or more of them.


The thrill of victory


Drew Wade
Drew Wade
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