Erotica Stories  July 5, 2011 - September 6, 2011

Contest Completed


Erotica! - Demon
Riveting! - She Wolf
Astonishing! - In the dark
Breathtaking! - Fantasy Connection
Mesmerizing! - Scarred Chins and Strawberry Curls
Fantastic! - Sex and the American Dream
Sexy! - Master/Slave


I can no longer send pictures, so if you would like to enter this contest, please, choose some pictures of your own likely and create your story on that! I will certainly read them, and love the fact that you entered anyways, so please do! :) :) :)
And to be more specific, I want them Mature flagged. And they must be Mature rated for me to read them. Sorry for the inconvenience! Good luck and best wishes to you all.


The proud feeling of winning a contest you put effort into! <3 :)


Cassiopia Summers
Cassiopia Summers
Tucson, AZ


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