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I want you to describe to me an alien race of your own imagining. I will be looking for believeablity and originality. They can be intelligent, mindless, carnivorious... whatever you wan't, just don't give me goofy, "cartoony" material. There are plenty of alien creatures in pop-culture, such as the "xenomorph" from the Alien series, predator, the Elites from Halo, the bio-mechanoid creatures from District 9, but I want a creation from you. If they are technologically advanced, tell me about their gadgets. If they are more primal, tell me their breeding habits, feeding habits, and whatever else you think of. If you are a science fiction writer and already have an awry of characters to chose from, give them to me. For those of you who don't, then maybe this will be a good exercise for you to extend your story possibilities.


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