Eye of the Tiger  November 2, 2013 - November 9, 2013

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Eye of the Tiger - And the bone, snapped.
Dragon Kin - [writing deleted]
Siberian Spirit - Gift of The Tiger To The Tigress MATURE -A Feline Romance


Hello, writer! This contest is about any type of writing that deals with tigers. I don't mind if you keep it real or if you venture into a more fantastical realm-I'm open to anything. Good luck with your writing and thanks for participating!

By the way, I do like Asian ideas and themes, but I am not judging based on that. :) Have fun!


Gossamer Violet
Gossamer Violet
Dinwiddie, VA


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Created Nov 3, 2013

Misty-eyed Girl
Confronting yourself
It's anything you want it to be, and maybe everything you hate it for, but relatable none the less.
Human DeEvolution Crusade
Timeline of the XV 15 Numbered Historical Crusades. Religious Ignorance Aside.There are over 26 War Events Listed Here.
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