Fairytale Challenge!  April 14, 2013 - May 14, 2013

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Your Highness!!!!!! I bow to you! - Mary Never Had a Lamb, She Was the Lamb
Princess!!! The throne is nearly yours! - Stalking Borianna Peep
Mi'Lady! Your tiara is in hands reach. - Tales of Aleah


I like to believe that a girl doesn't have to be a princess to get her fairytale ending. So I decided to challenge myself and recreate the Disney- or any other- princess fairytale into real life tales, they're similar in some ways and yet entirely different too. And most importantly: the "princesses" are just ordinary girls like myself.
Now Im challenging you to recreate your very own unique version of your favorite princess fairytale. Turn the magical world into a human world, a princess into a regular teenage girl, and the prince into modern day "Prince Charming."
Be creative, make your own fairytale. Turn yourself into your favorite "princess" and give the story your very own unique twist!
You understand? I sure hope you do, because I'm just dying to see who out there has the creativity and talent to remake the beautiful fairytales we've grown up with into real life fairytales. I don't care how long it is just give me something!
I think I might have been confusing, so if you have questions then ASK! I really wanna read your fairytales!


Pride and joy, and a fancy little virtual ribbon!



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