Fall Contest: Slipping into Madness  October 1, 2011 - December 1, 2011

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As the Autumn approaches, I'm reminded of decay and its lovely colors that we experience every year at the turn of the season. In honor of this decadence, I offer this contest to the writers: let them fall to insanity.

Your goal is to convey a perfect madness: the steady decline into a twisted mind or the wonderments of a cracked morality. Whatever you find would put your brains into a little frenzy, put it down on paper. Show the world the extent of psychotic.

Cash prize is for first place winner only.




The Master of Madness The Master of Madness
The Sage of Insane The Sage of Insane
The Cusp of Cracked The Cusp of Cracked


Russe Salome
Russe Salome
Tallahassee, FL


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Created Sep 19, 2011

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