Falling  June 1, 2008 - June 18, 2008

Contest Completed


1st - Fell from Above - Bottles: An Obituary
2nd - Fell in Love - Fall
3rd - Fell in Place - Impact
4th - Fell Gracefully - The Fall
Fallen Honour - Deliverance
Fallen Honour - Hope
Fallen Honour - Falling Into Fear
Fallen Honour - Shades of Hazel
Fallen Honour - Gemini
Fallen Honour - My Ship Has Sunk


Falling. That's your prompt. Do with it what you will. (I decided to be a bit darker than my last contest, somewhat randomly.)

Only poetry will be accepted. Please keep it rated PG, at least - I'm not into erotica/heavy violence/swearing. Proper spelling and grammar are important to me, so please edit your work if necessary.

I'd love it if your writing makes me think. Also, I encourage longer pieces; I have a short attention span, but I'm trying to improve it, so give me something to work out my mental muscles. I'll still be happy to accept short poems, though. Just don't bore me, either way.

I'll try to be more prompt in judging the contest this time. ^^;

Edit: Due to my moving out and having limited access to a computer, closing date has been moved up.


Some mental exercise and fun, pretty pixel awards



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