Fantasy E-zine Contest  October 30, 2010 - March 31, 2011

Contest Completed


The number of stories selected to be featured will be left open. - The Snow


(Sci Fi and Steampunk that have fantasy-like themes will also be accepted)

A new Fantasy E-zine is in the works. Here's how you get your work featured. I will be choosing one or more winning pieces from this contest to be included in the first issue. Please submit only your best work. We are looking for stories that engage and thrill the reader with original characters, plot and fantasy themes. Themes such as vampires and werewolves will most likely be passed over unless presenting a truly unique spin on the idea. A good story line is essential.

I will be posting a separate contest for the poetry.

Good luck and happy writing.

Note: We will also be accepting themed artwork. If you are an artist or know one and are interested in having your work published, please contact me at cobwebmote (at) with the subject line ART.


Your work featured in a shiny new E-zine.




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Created Oct 31, 2010