Fantasy and time  September 14, 2009 - October 15, 2009

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First Rate Writer - [writing deleted]
Second Rate Writer - In The Shadows
Third Rate Writer - Never Live In Bayden
Hounarable mention - My Magic Eyes


I want Fantasy story's from the past. Wether it be Romantic, Horror, or Action it must be Fantasy and in the past, not present, not futere Fantasy in the past. If it starts out in the present or futer but they end up in the past or another world thats still in the iron age say, then as long as most of the adventure happens in the past that is fine. It must be very origanal and please no vampiers or werewolves.

NOTE: Only story's, chapters and Book's will be read. you may have to change the genra to 'Fantasy' for the time of the contest. sorry. Somthing that makes the story Fantasy must be in the submission HINT:The closer to finishing the better chance of winning you have.


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Matthew Ian Herrawood W
Matthew Ian Herrawood W
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