February 3 Words  February 1, 2016 - February 29, 2016

Contest Completed


First Place! - Faraday's Nights
Second Place! - Heavy Heart Lost
Third Place! - The Heist


Last month, I did a contest where I gave 3 words for people to use in a short paragraph. It turned out well, so I'm going to try to make it a monthly contest.

This time, however, I'm going to expand the submissions to stories or poetry, whereas before it was only stories. Again, I wish not to spend half an hour judging your piece, so I'll ask that you keep it to about a 5 minute read at most.

Try to think uniquely! I use a random word generator in order to try to spark more interesting results.

The words this time are:
combustible, casino, haywire

Good luck!



4 Contestants
4 Submissions
Created Feb 1, 2016

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