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February Poetry Contest!  February 1, 2017 - February 28, 2017

Contest Completed


First - The Turn of Thirteen
Second - Your Song
Third - Hands
Fourth - A Little Late


Happy first of February to all of you! It's time for a new contest for this month. The rules are the same as every month. I'll be posting a poetry contest each month in search for the best poem. You may submit any type of poetry for this contest, however there is a theme to give you some ideas if you can't think of any. Again you don't have to write a poem that goes along with the theme it's just there if you want it. With that being said, there is one rule I'm very strict to: DUPLICATES WILL NOT BE TAKEN IN FOR CONSIDERATION FOR PLACING IF THEY HAVE ALREADY WON A TITLE. I will notice any and all repeats, and if I see a submission that has already placed I will immediately down vote it. Ideally I'll post the results within a week or so after the end date. Good luck and happy writing!

In honor of Valentine's Day the theme for this month: How do you express your love?


I will send out read requests for the top 5


Heromen Selena
Heromen Selena
Somewhere Over the Rainbow, NH


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