Fictive Non-Fiction  May 17, 2009 - December 31, 2009

Reading and Deliberating


Ok, so here is how it works. You have no doubt read some nonfiction in your life, probably in school. So write a non fiction essay or article, that is actually fiction. For example, write a biography (or part of one) about a fictional character or creature. You may use your own characters, but please explain which story they are from if you do. No fanfictions, so no articles about some one else characters or stories. I will also except fictive history, psychology, science, or whatnot text, as if from a text book. Also, news stories, written as news articles, that never happened. Also, fake religious texts. Be creative.
Get the drift? I will answer any questions about this contest if you do not get it, just send me a message, k? Good.
No Poems. No Plays. Only chapters or stories. I don't want a whole book.

Ok, this isn�t working. Every submission up to date has been the wrong kind of submission. You have all been to a nonfiction section of a library, whether at school, or at the public library. I am looking for something that would be found in one of those books, but no in all of them. No stories. You are not telling a story, and trying to make it seem real. No. You are creating a part of a nonfiction book. Like a text book, a science manual, a history book, anything. No poems, which I know are in the nonfiction section. No feel good true stories either. Non-Fiction. It�s not that hard.

So I am extending the dead line again, because I would like to have at least one finalist.


Bragging Rights for one whole year.


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