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I'm going to write a couple sentences to a story and I want you all to finish it alright. Good luck... :) Don't be afraid to do this contest . Write your hearts out. Not many are entering so when you enter you have a chance to win a badge. Knock yourselves out.

Stacy grew impatient. She knew she was waiting for the mailman. He was going to bring her a special prize from the cereal box. She had sent in all her box tops and put in a special order. They told her that her prize would come in within three days; it's been four.
Stacy was now furious with the mailman for being so late. She wanted her prize and she wanted it now. She had no clue what it was but on the cereal box, they told her it was something special that would make all the kids scream.
"Those things are just rip offs, sweetie. Even if it does come, I don't know if you'll be happy with the prize." Stacy's older sister and guardian after her parents died explained.
"But Maurissa, I want it! Will you wait with me?" Stacy groaned.
"Sorry, kid. I got a date. I'll be back around ten. You can handle yourself right?" Maurissa questioned.
Stacy looked at Maurissa up and down. She was wearing a really skimpy, black dress that hung down to the end of her chest on the torso part. Her breasts were sticking out, almost only hiding the n****e. The end covered her buttox and her front and that was it.
"Must be a special guy." Stacy said.

Now finish the rest. Explain the date of Maurissa's, explain what happens with Stacy's prize if it ever gets there or not, and have fun. It should be interesting to read. Don't make it too long but long enough to be discriptive. Good luck.


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