First Thing's First  August 20, 2009 - October 20, 2009

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First Thing's First Winner! - I'll Never Forgive You...
First Thing's First (First) Place! - First Taste
First Thing's First Second Place! - [writing deleted]
First Thing's First Third Place! - The Realization
First Thing's First Fourth Place! - I {Blank} Him, I{Blank} Him Not...
First Thing's First Fifth Place! - Low-down High
First Thing's First Sixth Place! - Can It Be Said Too Much?
First Thing's First Seventh Place! - A Million Butterflies


I want to hear about, what else, your firsts!
First day of school, first crush, first kiss, first relationship, first fight w/ a friend, first time you drove a car, first time you fell on the playground and thought the world would end, first anything! Possibilities are endless.

One submission per contestant, and have fun!

Note: Please don't submit books. That's it :]


What else? A coveted virtual medal!


Stephanie Ann
Stephanie Ann
Hollister, CA


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