For the emo-ness we cannot express...  March 19, 2008 - March 30, 2008

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I'm dead already - Holes in My Heart
I'm dying - I\'ll Be Going Now
I'm dead on the inside - Drunk By Myself
I'm dying on the inside - [writing deleted]
I'm cutting write now - The Darkside of Love
I wish i was cutting right now - Shadows Waiting
I am crying and my eyeliner is running - [writing deleted]
I'm crying and my girl pants still look good - [writing deleted]
I'm cutting with a plastic knife and catsup - The Victor Weeps
I like my flippy hair - [writing deleted]


For those who want to cut out thier veins! For those who have that cute flippy hair! For those whose inner turmoil is only expressed in verse! Write me your sorrows and pains! Nothing vulgar. We want beauty! Yet we want pain, suffering, and maybe a little hope mixed in.


Expressing that emotional side


Kimmee Jean
Kimmee Jean
Overland, MO


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