Believe It Or Not Believe It Or Not
This is my first attempt at slam poetry, and I'm excited to film a performance of this piece over the coming day.
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For those of you that do not know  September 21, 2008 - September 23, 2008

Contest Completed


So now you know - Winner - my disgusting me...
That about sums me up - Second Place - Me
Me in a nutshell - Third Place - Laughing like the Sun
Honorable Mention - and a wink - The Freak\'s Manifesto
Honorable Mention - and a nod - Venting In Technicolor
Honorable Mention - and a smile - Me?


This poem defines me -

anything that says "this is me"


A Mark of Talent


The Lady Anasteja
The Lady Anasteja
Stroudsburg, PA


18 Contestants
31 Submissions
Created Sep 21, 2008