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Forbidden Fruit  October 2, 2008 - October 11, 2008

Contest Completed


You're the reason Adam and Eve got kicked out of the Garden of Eden! - outside
Clawing on the tree of Knowledge. Shining that apple! - If Only He Knew
You can resist anything EXCEPT temptation! - Weekend Fling with the Sun
You dirty little mind, you! - A Son Who Gets the Job Done
Steamy Dream - [writing deleted]
Subtle Guilty Pleasure - [writing deleted]
Secret Little Fantasy - Untitled
Wild Enough Imagination - On Questioning
Not as wild, but "Fruity" - You are my Chocolate
You could be Dirtier. - Flames


*******ATTENTION: CONTESTANTS, please stay within a theme of lightheartedness, don't get too gloomy or despondent, let this be a breezy, light, colorful, cheery, yet sultry and sensual contest. no need to get too serious or heartbreaking.*******

We've all crossed a "forbidden fruit" in our lives. Whether it was a secret relationship, an affair, forbidden love, a guilty pleasure (Err, chocolate?), a dirty thought, a sexual fantasy, or maybe even a case of unrequited love, in which we are in love with someone who will never love us back, as our mind rambles to millions of places.
Writers, here you are given the green light to let loose. This contest is a channel through which you can talk about your desires, fantasies, love affairs, and all the sweet, sweet sins which you've committed in secret. There's no shame and no guilt here, just an open, honest space in which we can express and explore sexuality and/or love, talk about seduction and temptation, break taboos, and reveal the other side of who we are.

What is said in the Forbidden Fruit Contest STAYS in the Forbidden fruit Contest!

Amaze me!

Love to all,



Having the wildest imagination and (I pray,) the dirtiest mind.


Beirut, Lebanon


31 Contestants
76 Submissions
Created Oct 2, 2008