Forbidden Love Fiction  May 15, 2008 - August 15, 2008

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FIRST PRIZE - made an impact! - The Phone Call
SECOND PRIZE - pretty damned excellent! - Forbid
THIRD PRIZE - amazing work! - Realize
CONSOLATION - pretty good! - \"Forbidden Love\"
CONSOLATION - pretty good! - Death Scene


Check it out, my first contest! I've been writing for awhile now (since I was 4) and thought I'd give judging contests a shot.
So here's the deal, you can write whatever you want... something dark, something fun, something that makes me cry... or something that makes me laugh my head off. It can be a fanfic, a songfic or just a story with your own original characters! can include humans, vampires, werewolves, WHATEVER!

1) story must be about a forbidden love
2) must include a RED BALLOON
3) must include ONE SONG REFERENCE (just as a passing thing like "I was listening to Circa Survive, and it made me angrier" or you can even put in song lyrics)
4) -- some people must be finding this rule a bit tough, so it's been ommited--
5) must include the following line: "I didn't order anything,"
6) MUST BE A SHORT STORY!!! I don't have time to read books sorry!

** please include an indication of which name you used (Frank or Shan or both) as well as an indication of what song you used in reference at the top of your piece of writing**

HOPE THAT'S NOT TOO HARD! haha, show me your fics!!!


$0.00, the recognition of being the best damned writer when it comes to "FORBIDDEN LOVE"


The Dark Passenger
The Dark Passenger
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