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Forgotten Faerie Tales  August 29, 2007 - November 29, 2007

Contest Completed


Best Overall Piece - [writing deleted]
Best Written - [writing deleted]
Best Plot - [writing deleted]
Best Hero/Heroine - [writing deleted]
Best Villan/Villaness - [writing deleted]


Ya ya ya, we hear the fairy tales everyone tells, Cinderella gets her prince, Aurora doesn't die, Aladdin becomes very wealthy, but what kind of tales would they tell? how would it be in their place. What does Cinderella really think about sharing a small attic room with mice? Is Aurora really a hermit? And was Aladdin really a good guy? You tell me what happened.

-The story must be written in first person.
-The story may not be over 5,000 words.
-All submissions should include the fairy tales original origin. (Example; Cindy Elaine Charming Tells All: A retelling of Cinderella)


Bragging rights, Respect, Confidance.


Roshayann D' Lyn
Roshayann D' Lyn
Vernal, UT


Created Aug 29, 2007