Friendship Stories  May 2, 2014 - May 30, 2014

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Best Friend Type - [writing deleted]
Makes lots of Good friends - Do you Fly in your Dreams?-I do
Good friend - [writing deleted]
Friendly person - Rationalization
Makes REAL friendships - Tribute to a True Friend
Enjoys company... - The Visit
Has few real friends... - Reflection
Has short friendships... - Trust Me
Not so good friend... - BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE
What is a friend? - A Near Death Experience


Voting is open! Read and vote for the story you think fits best for the subject of friendship. Please dont just vote for your own.

Do whatever you wand in your stories but make them have a group of at least two people who are good friends, or even do a multiple point of view with a friend. Again, do what you want and have some fun maybe. Please no eroticas! Also this will go till the end of May, i might post a new one afterwards though.


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