From a song to a poem  May 13, 2012 - May 15, 2012

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If you want to enter this contest then inbox me and i will give you a song to write the poem about. It sounds strange but it's a good writing exercise to show a wide variety of things you can do! It might be rock n roll, cheesy crappy highschool musical s**t, even something completely unkown, enter and try it! once you've inboxed me i do hope that you actually follow through with writing the poem.

^^^Also, i won't accept poems that didn't follow the rules above ^^^.

What else??..........hmmm...oh yes. Name the poem ""Poetry for [insert song name here] and in the description give all rights to the song to the artist etc. And.......yeah have a go! interperet the song how you wish! if you hate it-say that! if you love it-say that! if you don't understand it even-just say that! i wont judge on how well you've analysed it or whatever but i'll pick the best as what i feel at the time understood the meaning of this contest the most :)

PS: if you enter more than one you have to tell me and i'll give you more than one song but you can't write two about the same song xx

PPS: genre: arts


you get to feel like a genius :D


Daniela May
Daniela May
Thats for me to know and you not to :P, United Kingdom


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