Give Me Something to Sing About!  May 20, 2009 - August 1, 2009

Contest Completed


First - Misery Business
Second - [writing deleted]
Third - Guardian Angel
Forth - [writing deleted]


So here�s what going down.

1.Send me a message and request to be in the contest and also give me a letter so I can pick a song and Genre (Optional if your picky or ready for a challenge/ new experience with music) for you to write about.

2.From my vast amount of various types of music, I�ll select a random song from my Itunes list and send you the title of the song, the artist, album and genre of music. Make sure to listen to the song and make the message of that song known in your own writing!

3.I will give you a second choice if you don�t like the song all you do is request a different letter for the next song for me to chose from (genre would help too.)

4.I�ll keep a list of who gets what song so your interpretations of the song is all yours

So let the music flow through you and WRITE!


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