Go Ahead, Piss Me Off  January 13, 2008 - February 13, 2008

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Social Anarchist - [writing deleted]
Verbal Sociopath - I Still Bludgeon People
Sadistic Libelist - The Abortion Sonnet!
Pretty Damn Offensive - Loose and Tight
Speaks Their Mind - He\'s So Fake
Uncouth - [writing deleted]
Out of Line - One Ballot Signed in Blood
Mean - Ballad of Norma Jean
Not Very Nice - Mr. Anti Feminst
Trying too Hard - A Happy Guy


In this contest, I want the most gut-wrenchingly offensive poem, story, or screenplay you can possibly conjure from the twisted recesses of your mind. Do you hate old people? Think making fun of the mentally handicapped is hilarious? Do you get off torturing and mutilating small animals? Write about it! Do your best to be as un-politically correct as possible. Hint: if you show your work to your parents and they DON'T disown you, you have failed.


$0.25, Much deserved recognition


The Viking
The Viking
HELLbourne, FL


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