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Reading and Deliberating


Please write a story or poem on any and ONLY on any of these plots (please only submit stories and books. i know it says any kind of writing but that's wrong, you'll be disqualified if you don't submit a story or book.) :

1. A girl finds a new friend on the internet. Trouble starts.
2. An orphan in New York plays the guitar on the streets.
3. A girl's best friend commits suicide. How does she take it?
4. A girl/guy in school constantly gets picked on.
5. A shooting is placed at a girl's/guy's school.
6. A girl gets abused by her parenrs.
7. A girl/guy has an abusive boyfriend/girlfriend that forces the girl/guy to have sex with him/her.
8. A girl/guy meets a musician. It changes their whole life.
9. A girl has cancer.
10. A guy's parents get a divorce when he's 15.




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