Gothic Poetry  September 9, 2010 - September 13, 2010

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The Tell-Tale Heart - [writing deleted]
The Raven - [writing deleted]
The Cask of Amantillado - 'Twas a Night Dark and Frightening


Create a poem with Gothic tone. Not Goth, and not necessarily horror for the sake of horror. Think Ann Radcliffe, Matthew Lewis, Mary Shelly, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Edger Allen Poe, Joseph Sheridan Le Fenu, Bram Stoker, writers that produced romantic works that contained the prenatural elements of fear, terror, and horror. These works of the "sublime" are the foundations of the modern horror genres.
I am NOT looking for slasher or suicidal. Think a little more subtle
(my thanks to some of the wording here to a previous post)


David W Moore III
David W Moore III
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