Hatred And Recompense  May 4, 2012 - August 1, 2012

Reading and Deliberating


Write a fresh or submit a short poem that is comprised of your deepest hatreds and angers from a situation, the poem cannot contain the word love or loved, it has to be an expression of love, that turned into hatred. It doesn't have to be about a dating relationship, it can be about a father you hate, a brother, a sister, anything i am looking for family relationships primarily, but i would love to be shocked by a non family poem just as much.. try to keep the muck of love out of it.. use your best tools for this one! Good Luck! -s (I generally charge upwards of $2500.00 for a custom website design and hosting per year, so to the first place winner this is a really really nice prize!!! i will work one on one with the first place winner throughout that year so that the site is exactly how the winner wants it, 1st place winner will be trained on how to update and maintain the site. After the year, the winner will be able to take over payments for the hosting and domain, costing roughly 57.00/year through GoDaddy.com)


$25.00, Custom website to display your poetry, free hosting and domain for 1 year all graphic design and SEO included


First Place Custom Website And Hosting for 1 year First Place Custom Website And Hosting for 1 year
Second Place $25.00 Second Place $25.00
Third Place Honorable Mention Third Place Honorable Mention


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S. Michael Long
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