Horror! Make me scared!  March 10, 2011 - March 18, 2011

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Death! - Shizu
Scared my pants off! - Womb Snatchers
Wow! Better than a scare house! - Home for the Aged
Pretty Darn Scary! - My Angel
Kinda Scary - Halloween
Scary - Too quick
Scary...Ish - Faceless
Its ok - Betrayal?
Scare Fail... o.O You failed to scare me.... - What I want


I want Horror! Give my the best you've got! Don't make it chesy by putting a ton of gore in it cause usually i imagine one of those independant films with blood squirting like ten feet from a tiny cut in their finger....Make it good and subtle. Oh! and don't be afraid to put a little romance in their! It'll give you extra points from me! :P Fantasy is also points! I love it!


$0.00, I will review your writing!!!!!!!!! Whoo!



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