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Horror Show  January 30, 2014 - February 21, 2014

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Amnesia Brute - Reign of blood
Pyramid Head - XIIth Moon
Slender - Déjà vu


Hello all!

Today I'd like to beseech you for your best, most frightening horror short stories and poetry. I'd prefer if you stuck to "short" stories and not submit books or stories greater than around 2000 words in length (a bit longer is fine). Short screenplays or stageplays are fine too! Please, scare me as best you can!

A few guidelines, though. I'd prefer no obnoxious fonts, no pictures that are bigger than the body of the poem, and no music or videos imbedded in with the poem. Please and thank you!

Have fun, everyone!

(PS: Video game references for award titles, yay!)


Bragging rights.



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Created Jan 31, 2014