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Humor Me!  April 3, 2007 - April 10, 2007

Contest Completed


1st Place! - [writing deleted]
2nd Place! - [writing deleted]
3rd Place! - [writing deleted]
4th Place! - [writing deleted]
5th Place! - [writing deleted]
6th Place! - [writing deleted]


This contest is for all of your funny work! Think you've got something that will make me laugh? Go ahead and submit. You may submit either poems or short stories of a limit of 250 words. You may submit up to three pieces, and i will read through them, and hopefullly laugh! :) Underneath this, it will say that you can only submit short stories, but personally i would love to have you submit both genres, so go for it if you want! :)


The little medal on your Profile's Stats Tab =D !! Woo


K Antonacci
K Antonacci
My World, RI


Created Apr 3, 2007